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Deceptively dark in coloration with a relatively light build, while maintaining a balance of roasted, malty and dry body notes, the Parachute Porter is a dark beer lover’s delight and yet extremely accessible to those wary of midnight hued brews. Presenting a spectrum of subtle dark toast and caramel sweet grain flavors, the gravity of this porter weighs in right at the median of the style guidelines and creates an incredibly drinkable beer despite its obsidian appearance. Spicy Chinook hops lightly counteract the inherent sweetness, while still giving way to the subtle coffee, cocoa and roasted notes the diverse grain bill imparts. A clean, semi-dry finish assures the drinker that this inky ale can be enjoyed throughout the dark and light seasons.


Alcohol Content: 5.1%
IBU: 35



Pint $5.00
Growler New $TBD
Growler Fill $TBD