v Flycaster Brewing Co. | Rocky Ford IPA
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Arguably the most consumed beer style in the highest hop-producing region in the world, the India Pale Ale transports us across the Cascade mountain range to the valleys of Yakima where many a new-world hop flourishes every summer. The Rocky Ford IPA combines all elements of this beloved style into one flavorful, hop blasted beverage. Light honey in color the body is comprised of pale, pilsner and crystal malts to support the strong hop character with an initial touch of bready sweetness and with rye grains to infuse a spicy dryness to the finish. Tenacious, yet clean bitterness is achieved through generous Magnum additions throughout the boil. The advent of Cascade and Citra boost the flavor and aromatics of the brew to the status of hop juice, with grapefruit and tropical notes dominating. A healthy dry hopping of Simcoe and Citra post fermentation succeeds in creating an opulently oily and resinous addition to the brew, as well as an equally floral and citrus bouquet for the nose to indulge in. This bitter ale will leave a lasting impression on the mind and the pallet and is sure to provide respite for anglers retiring from a day on the river.


Alcohol Content: 8.01%
IBU: 65



Pint $5.00
Growler Fill $16.00